Protected Housing is one of the actions of the NGO Pixida. It consists of protected living arrangements that aim at enabling the transition from the asylum to living within the community. It currently accommodates 4 to 6 people.
It was founded in 2012 as a complementary action to the boarding house « Tharapafsi » under the Operationnal Programme « Human Resources Development ».
The protected apartements accomodate 4 people coming from the Boarding House « Tharapafsi ». during their stay at Tharapafsi, These people were considered ready to move on to the next step by the staff, due to the progress they had made. Their relocation to the protected apartements aims at further encouraging the patients’ independence.
As part of the daily schedule, residents of the Protected Housing engage in the following activities:
- personal health care
- care and maintenance of their personal space
- grocery shopping
- socializing with neighbours
- cooking
- taking care of their personal needs (e.g. buying clothes)
- participating in social activities (visits to museums etc.).
- engaging in local activities and the life of the neigbourhood
Basic principles:
The Sheltered Housing initiative aims:
-To respect every person's personality and basic right to an independent and dignified life as well as to an active participation in society.
• To avoid the institutionalization and marginalization of people with mental illness and to support their autonomy.
• To defend the individual and social rights of the tenants as well as their privacy.
• To promote personal development and socialization.
• To improve social skills through daily contact with the community.
• To reduce the stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness.
• To respect the dignity and personality of each patient.
• To improve patients' self-awareness and perception of reality.
• To cultivate team spirit.
• To encourage and support the patients' social involvement and participation in leisure activities.
• To encourage the guests' reconnection with their relatives.
• To provide assistance for the family environment and to prepare it to host the patients  after their psychosocial rehabilitation has been completed.


To achieve the goals of the Protected Housing programme would mean to contribute to reducing the economic and social cost of mental illness.

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