The boarding house "THARAPAFSI" is one of the actions of the non-profit organization "Pixida". It was created and started operating in 2006, under the Operational Programme "Health and Welfare 2000- 2006" - "PSYCHARGOS" - Phase B, and is now supported by the Operational Programme "Human Resources Development", under the NSRF with the purpose of de-institutionalization and social- economic reintegration of 15 chronic psycho- geriatric patients in Piraeusunder the supervision of the D / Division of Mental Health of the Ministry of Health and social Solidarity.

The boarding house « THARAPAFSI » hosts 15 people, suffering from psychiatric disorders, who have been patients of mental institutions for years. Its purpose is to help them, through continued education by qualified personnel, to regain the maximum of their autonomy.

As part of the daily program, residents of the boarding house are taught the following activities :


• Personal hygiene.
• Keeping their personal space clean and tidy.
• Purchase of food and cleaning materials.
• Food preparation.
• Fulfilment of individual needs (buying clothes etc.).
• Participation in social activities (visits to museums and other similar activities).



We are always trying to aim higher as far as the objectives of the boarding house « THARAPAFSI » are concerned. Among these objectives are :

• educating residents with the practice of daily activities, in order to teach them to look after themselves. Among  these activities are: ensuring personal hygiene, keeping the rooms clean, participating in decision-making and the procurement of all necessary resources for the boarding house, etc.

• encouraging them to engage in activities that improve their mobility and physical condition
• providing them with continuous psychiatric and medical monitoring, in order to normalize their medication intake and thus their daily life.
• encouraging them to improve their relationship with their families.
• developing their social skills by encouraging contact with people in similar structures, local associations and organizations etc.
• organizing events to inform the community on issues related to mental illness.
• increasing their level of creative skills thanks to professional guidance from occupational therapists.
• eventually transferring the residents to guest houses, sheltered apartments, or foster homes.
• making their living environment a pleasant place, with regular decorative and creative changes to avoid a monotonous environment.


This therapeutic approach is carried out by a multidisciplinary team which consists of a psychiatrist and scientific responsible, psychologists, occupational therapists, Social workers, physiotherapist, nurses and other therapists.



• Psychiatric diagnosis- evaluation and monitoring.
• Psychological support.
• Nursing care.
• Individual and group psychotherapy.
• Occupational therapy activities to develop the patients’ skills and to promote socialization.
• Health care by specialized physicians.
• Help and support in dealing with all the typical legal/state procedures.

• Help and counsel regarding social welfare issues.

• Support and counselling to the family, as it is an important aspect of the treatment plan.

• Legal counsel.
• Physiotherapy by expert physiotherapists.
• Healthy diet composed of quality, balanced meals.
• Social activities in order to allow the reintegration of the boarding house residents into society.
• Training in social skills to strengthen the autonomy (such as traffic education, financial resources management, communication skills etc).
• Organization of recreational activities such as musical and theatrial events in the area.
• Exhibitions of projects carried out by our residents.
• Cooperation with other mental health organizations in order to deveop partnerships and improve the quality of health services.
• Cooperation with local authorities in order to inform the community and further develop the boarding house model.
• Encouraging volunteerwork.

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